Web3 Combination Domains (https://web3combos.com)
Utilizing web3 domaining systems to launch traditional web2 domains to the next level. 

  With our unique domain combinations our customers can expand globally on web3 using ".their own name". 
Without any .com .net .org etc.

 EG: The domain "apptive" and "apptive pro" combination is one of our first offerings. 
With 11 domains (7-web2 and 4-web3) this combo has the ability to produce .apptive and .apptivepro 
web3 subdomains. (your.apptivepro) 

This web3 combination includes nft domains apptive.eth and apptivepro.eth on the Ethereum blockchain 
as well as their 
Top Level Domain counterparts on the Handshake blockchain. 

Ens (.eth) domains allow social media identity and widely accepted crypto payments.

Handshake is quickly becoming a rising star with it's versatility and security.
Due to it being cryptographiclly locked to the handshake blockchain.
While utilizing the traditional dns system.
It allows crypto payments, acts as digital identity 
and enables the same cababilities on it's subdomains.

As the Owner of a Handshake domain
 It is your choice to use it singular.
Deploying subdomains from a traditional nameserver.
A blockchain nameserver contract.

On web2 this combination has apptive.tech (.xyz), apptivepro.com (.tech) (.xyz) and apptivetech.com (.xyz)

Enabling a solid launch point with web2 and web3 scaling capabilities. 

Future-proof your business with a web3 combo.